We provide a mid-week Fellowship Drop-In for conference registrants every Thursday, 5-6pm pacific, 8-9pm eastern, etc. Although the end time is flexible. The personal unique video conference links that conference registrants receive for Fellowship Drop-In are active 24/7 throughout the conference cycle. This virtual meeting space is available, first-come, first-served, except during this one evening each week


More specifically, what Fellowship Drop-In is:

Fellowship Drop-In is a planned time between each weekly workshop when participants are welcome to ask each other for support; to get to know one another; to share experience, strength, and hope; and to "hear" the Higher Power through one another’s voices.

Fellowship Drop-In is a scheduled, optional adjunct to the weekly workshops, loosely facilitated by members of the conference host group. These members have completed at least one conference cycle, have taken the Steps using the conference materials, have submitted a survey, attended a wrap-up session, and are registered for and participating in the current conference cycle.

Fellowship Drop-In is a place for specific support not only on the recovery and Step work we’re doing to maintain our solvency during the conference but also on specific BDA recovery pressures, members helping members in a spiritual framework. 

The usual format for mid-week Fellowship Drop-In is:

Opening by a drop-in facilitator who volunteered the previous week, including the Serenity Prayer. (Reader and timekeeper also volunteered the previous week, see bottom of page.)

Up to 5 minutes — A rotating reading of three of the lists of 12s covered during the conference cycle, one list per week: Steps; Traditions; and DA Promises.

Up to 5 minutes — Introductions from everyone present: name; solvency date; geographic location; industry; and any support needed to make the most of the conference and workshops. (The drop-in facilitator will make a list of the needs expressed and will introduce them one at a time after introductions have been completed.) If folks who are late miss introductions, they can introduce themselves when they come on time in following weeks.

NOTE: During this and the sections that follow, the drop-in facilitator will call on people — by raised hands, alphabetically, or randomly. This — Fellowship Drop-In — is not a time to sit in silence. The whole point is to break out of isolation. The drop-in facilitator will keep things moving quickly.

Up to 15 minutes — Experience, strength, and hope from experienced members who have completed a previous conference cycle, during which web pages from bdaworkshops.org may be shared onscreen. This experience-based support may be especially useful when we reach the conference midpoint, when we unfortunately see up to 20% of conference registrants drop out each cycle.

Up to 15 minutes — 1-minute timed shares on any business pressures participants of the Fellowship Drop-In may be able to help each other with. (Each participant should take notes of one or two fellow participants to whom they want to offer experience, strength, and hope and what they want to offer.)

Up to 15 minutes — 1-minute timed shares in support of one other member. (If you can provide support to two members in one minute, go for it.) That is, support and encouragement, not advice or questions!

NOTE: Smaller weekly participant groups will likely need less time for the previous three sections. This can lead to second rounds of BDA support to our fellows or introduction of a discussion topic. If a discussion topic is introduced, it will come from the 12 list read (i.e. Steps, Traditions, Promises) at the beginning of the Fellowship Drop-In.  The drop-in facilitator may choose the topic or may ask for someone else to  choose. Either way, shares will be either one or two minutes at the discretion of the drop-in facilitator. 

Up to 5 minutes — Arranging for the next week’s drop-in facilitator, reader, and timekeeper, plus closing prayer.