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In DA you can find a new way of living that offers recovery from compulsive debting and hope for a healthier, happier, more prosperous life. We suggest that you keep an open mind and attend at least six meetings as soon as possible. If you do not like one meeting, attend another. The important thing is to keep coming back.


Business Debtors Anonymous (BDA) is a distinct and dynamic but not separate part of DA, created to focus on the recovery of members of the fellowship who are business owners. Together, members of BDA support one another in applying the DA principles and tools when owning and running a business. 

However, as part of DA, there is no separate membership for attending Business Debtors Anonymous meetings. As it states in DA’s 3rd Tradition, "The only requirement for DA membership is a desire to stop incurring unsecured debt." This applies to both personal and professional debt. It is understood that paying bills for goods and services rendered according to agreed-upon terms does not constitute debting.

In modern times, BDA membership includes not only business owners, but also independent contractors and the self-employed. If you attend this or other BDA meetings, you will also hear members who are in management and sales positions, using the DA principles and BDA Tools to bring their recovery and spirituality into their work lives. Plus so many artists and writers and musicians. Oh, my!


Some BDA members are retired, or on fixed incomes for other reasons, and are working to develop multiple streams of income, some active income streams and some passive. Last but not least, BDA is home to countless members who have an idea or an inspiration for a business or simply a desire to be a business owner and are growing spiritually as they prepare to take new actions in pursuit of their visions.


All the DA members described here, and many more, are welcome to attend BDA meetings. Once more, because it's one of our most important DA and BDA principles, "The only requirement for DA membership is a desire to stop incurring unsecured debt." In our experience, every BDA meeting is a DA meeting, but not every DA meeting is a BDA meeting. 


In BDA we practice anonymity, the spiritual foundation of all our traditions. Anonymity means that BDA members do not reveal the names of anyone we see or hear at meetings nor what is shared at meetings, allowing us freedom of expression. Anonymity protects all members from identification as compulsive debtors and provides the assurance that what we say at meetings or to other BDA members at any time will not be repeated.


BDA Workshops is a registered DA and BDA phone group, # 122319, with plans to develop and provide a variety of BDA workshops over time. For now, we are offering the "Let's Do BDA Together" workshop series, each cycle taking six months. 

BDA Workshops was created, as a group, not only to carry the message of DA and BDA but also to provide grassroots fundraising services for all of Debtors Anonymous. Our vision for combined 2020 contributions to the GSB and BDA Intergroup is $10,000.

The weekly workshops are also intended to serve as closed DA meetings — closed to non-DA members — open to all DA and BDA members, and Class B non-debtor trustees, past and present, at all times. We encourage anyone who's interested to call in and join us anytime. 


This cycle of workshops has been developed to support the spiritual and practical growth of our fellows in DA and BDA. In exchange, we ask for generous reciprocity in the form of 7th Tradition donations, the post-expense proceeds of which we will distribute directly to the GSB through June 2020 and then distribute evenly between the GSB and BDA Intergroup beginning in July 2020.


Additionally, related to our shared investment of time in our individual and collective recovery processes, except for the first workshop in our second cycle, each of the workshops in this six-month series is scheduled for two hours, and tightly scheduled at that. We ask that everyone who can: attend every workshop in the series; arrive on time; and stay through the end of each call. We promise you “will be amazed before you are halfway through.”

For best results, we suggest that each participant find a “study buddy” in the group. Because time for sharing will be limited, “study buddies” will be well-served by reading their written responses to one another. If you must miss a workshop session, we ask that you work with your study buddy to stay up-to-date. We will also have time to stay on the line after each workshop to participate in casual discussion and fellowship. 

Our intended audience includes all DA and BDA members who want to lead their businesses, to provide their freelance services, or to serve in their paid positions, using the spiritual principles described in The Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts of Debtors Anonymous: Thirty-Six Principles of Recovery. Using DA and AA literature and many years of solvent experience, strength, and hope, we will share with you how we have applied each of the 36 principles above, plus the DA and BDA Tools, and the DA Promises. In the Tools sections, we will sometimes offer practical forms and examples that you can immediately recreate and use for yourself.

Our intended outcomes are threefold:

To connect the various elements of the DA program with the practical aspects of our BDA approach to doing business, developing a more complete recovery experience using the spiritual Principles, Promises, and Tools available to us.

To strengthen our BDA membership through coaching, mentoring, and connection of national and international members through a focused, committed, and safe recovery and sharing environment.

To support the GSB and BDA Intergroup in the growth and development of our DA and BDA outreach and support services. 

For workshop participants who do not have the DA “12, 12, and 12” book, the BDA Tools pamphlet, or the DA Promises pamphlet  —  and who have a financial need for free books  —  we are happy to supply any or all of the related eBooks to workshop participants at no cost. If you are committed to attending and participating in the upcoming workshop cycle, please email your name, best email address for receiving eBook links, and whether you need the DA book, BDA pamphlet, DA pamphlet, some combination, or all three to bdaworkshops@gmail.com and links to your literature will be gratefully sent to you. (Based on availability of funds.)

For workshop participants who can easily afford to purchase their own conference-approved literature, we do suggest eBooks as an excellent delivery method.

These series of workshops are being presented not only to serve our DA and BDA community but also to perform grassroots fundraising services, with all post-expense proceeds to be distributed evenly between the GSB and BDA Intergroup each month, for their use on behalf of the fellowship and the debtor who still suffers. 

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