At the end of each  BDA Solvency Immersion Conference,  usually at the beginning of the Twelves, we will ask everyone who has made it that far in the cycle to complete a 15-20 minute survey. Participant feedback is imperative to our provision of the best possible conference experience to everyone who joins us. If you join us for a six-month  BDA Solvency Immersion Conference,  please keep in tune with your experiences with the following topics and subtopics. If there is anything we can do to improve your personal experience, please don't hesitate to ask us for additional help via

As it's written now, the survey focuses on three specific areas of participant experience, including particular emphasis and numerical ratings on the subtopics included below: 

General Experiences — Communication from conference hosts before and during the six-month conference; workshop materials from conference host and guest speakers; and the workshop sessions

Connections and Cycle Goals — Connection with study buddy; connection with fellow participants; connection with conference hosts; synthesis of 72 DA and BDA program elements; strengthening of the BDA fellowship; and fundraising for the DA and BDA service structure

Progress in the DA and BDA Program — Progress on the Steps; completion of the Steps; preparation to be a sponsor
or a more confident sponsor; preparation to serve beyond your group or to be a more confident trusted servant;
preparation to be a business owner or a more confident business owner 

This  BDA Solvency Immersion Conference  has been developed to assist our fellow recovering debtors and business owners in all of the above focus areas and more. Please click on the images below to see all of the survey responses from previous conference participants.

Click on the image above to open a pdf of the complete feedback report for first cycle 2021.


"I highly recommend the workshop."

"Jump in and do the work; the more you put in the more you get out. It can feel fast and like a lot, but it is manageable and has had a huge impact on me and others. Show up, be open and honest, trust the process and the HP, and let the results unfold. The meetings are more fun and engaging when people share what their takeaways were from the topics of the week."


"I think this was laid out well. I like how there is a team of trusted servants and it’s growing."

"It keeps getting better."


"All the sessions were productive."

"I liked that there was a different speaker on each set of topics every other week; it kept the perspectives / experience fresh and interesting."


"I feel totally included."

"I liked working on two pairs of three topics."


"So well rounded and cohesive and the themes were helpful."

"Extremely useful — I would not engage with this material otherwise."

"It was a lot over a short amount of time, but given how much there was to cover, I think it was great."

"I’m glad money is being raised for awareness and 12-Step work."

"This is awesome."



"The well-rounded understanding of the program definitely helps me feel more confident and have more experience to share."  

"Extremely helpful to my being of service."

"I am not sure when I will get all this incorporated. 'Progress not perfection,' as they say."

"The conference showed me what to focus on, in my business, and what not to. It’s slow going, but worth it."

"I have more courage and vision now."

"Loved the guest speaker and then the host sharing on the three topics each week, with time after for Q&A."

"The focus on my business recovery was welcomed and done well."

Click on the image above to open a pdf of the complete feedback report for second cycle 2020.


"Take the time to go through the steps, if you can, while you are doing the workshop. Work with a study buddy. Do all the sessions and the homework. It is really worth it."

"I found this valuable even though I couldn’t always attend and sometimes had to start into a session. Hanging out for the 'after party' was really nice to bring up specific issues or hear more life experience from participants."


"The workshop is well worth the time investment and for any small business owner it can be invaluable."

"This workshop structure (speakers, content, expectations) will change your life for the better if you let it. If you engage and treat it like a professional commitment, there is a wealth of spiritual return that is hard to put to words. But it’s worth it."

"Jump in, do the work and participate. This has been an amazing experience and I truly believe I got out what I put in. I jumped in like my life depended on it, and my world has transformed beautifully in just 6 months. I can’t wait to see what continues to unfold."

"I love the format/structure and materials and the incredible support that is offered. I also love the balance the comes from having co-facilitators. It provides different perspectives, personalities, and approaches that are appealing to the diverse approaches and personalities of our members."

"I think it was great, I was nervous about committing 2 hours every Saturday, but ended up staying for the after party often. I really like the atmosphere of the post meeting coffee conversation and the ability to discuss things in a different way and share a little differently than what happens in meetings."


"The workshops were informative and excellent."

"So well organized and facilitated."

"Riveting, incredible amount of info. Can't think of how to improve. There is something for everyone."

"I felt well led through the sessions and also appreciated the guest speakers."

"The host made himself available to participants on an ongoing basis for whatever was needed to have a successful workshop experience, including being willing to take the Steps with participants."

"I felt communication was excellent. Enjoy the host's succinct style and dedication to covering material and staying on task."

"Excellent. These materials have been the most helpful tool to me in my journey in DA. Out of this workshop I wound up pursuing an additional job of consulting and am bringing in additional resources which helps my individual DA journey."

"The materials are very concise and well written. The information is easy to understand. However, it is important to take it and apply it to working the program in the context of the workshop."

"The materials were amaaaaaazing!!! Congrats for the work!"

"I remember bringing some questions into the after party, that was really awesome to get input on. I feel that the whole workshop series, feels like it was one big space. For me it is hard to pinpoint a specific session as there have been so many moments of insight and magic in the process. I do have to say that the last session Bill was with us, was pretty magical. I remember him saying: 'What if you could multiply by ten times what you are earning, and then ten times that?' I was walking on a trail upstate taking a much-needed break, I wasn't going to dial in, but I felt I had to. To listen to those words in the forest felt so abundant and really resonated. Another thing that has stood out, is the host's consistency through the thick and thin. That has showed me so much love and care towards the group, I've been really touched by it."  

"The host was great and navigated a very difficult situation midway through with amazing grace and class while providing incredible service."

"Extremely helpful; this really deepened my journey."

"After 2 cycles and going through all the materials — it has been an amazing experience that has enhanced my recovery across the board."

"Wow that is a huge undertaking, congratulations. I hope to endlessly work on assimilation realizing it is progress not perfection. Well done tying it all together."

"I really grew in my DA journey through participating."

"I am in the U.S., but I really appreciated having international fellows in the workshop."

"The international attendance was very cool."


"We did well in terms of contributions keeping in mind that most workshops are much more expensive. Encouraging people to be generous with their donations and that fear of not having enough is not a factor here. It can be paid through our business accounts."


"This gave me a good foundation for getting started in BDA. I’m most grateful!   I went from a BDA bystander to working the Steps … yay!"

"This deepened my understanding of applying recovery to my financial life."

"The workshop deepened my understanding of the Steps and practices to incorporate them into my day-to-day living. I especially received a deeper understanding on Step 11. I am still reflecting on the epiphany. (Thank you to the host — it came from the materials.)"

"I feel like I know myself better and am able to pass on what I have learned and my experience, strength, and hope in a way I could not before."

"I am looking forward to going back to my home group with this new perspective."


"I found that the workshops helped me establish a more conscious contact with HP and my Business practices derive from that relationship."

"The workshops gave me ideas from the unusual questions that are asked."


"The workshops gave me solvency that I am maintaining with the help of God, the Steps, and my sponsor. I don’t have to lie or be afraid."

"I launched my business this week! Thanks to the program!!"

2020_06_20 - Bill and Bob Do BDA survey

Click on the image above to open a pdf of the complete feedback report for first cycle 2020.


"I believe this workshop is ideal for those new and/or returning to DA/BDA. I’m returning to BDA, and it’s served as a great 're-entry' platform. I very much appreciate the format, giving equal emphasis (at least that’s how it seemed to me) to the principles and tools as to the Steps."  

"Be sure to join every week and read the material; participation is the key."

"I found printing, reading, and highlighting materials ahead of the workshop session to be very helpful. I hole punched in a binder."

"Plan on doing the Steps at the same time you are doing this workshop. Even if you have already done them."

"This is a workshop and will require WORK between sessions. This is how you will get the most out of the workshop. It will be best to have a study buddy, so do what is possible to find one early on."

"I have been in AA for many years and have worked the steps many times, I gained so much insight using these materials ... that I am using them in AA sponsorship."


"I appreciate going in-depth on the Traditions and the Concepts. I’ve been in 12-Step programs a long time and while I can always learn something new about the Steps, I really appreciate the discussions about the Traditions and Concepts because they are seldom discussed at the meeting level. As a result, many in the fellowship don’t understand the importance and value of these principles.  Those who have participated in higher-level service such as GSR, ISR, GSB, etc. get to learn first-hand how important those principles are (IMHO) to the organization itself and, in turn, why that’s important to each of us in recovery."


"Appreciated staying after for questions and open discussion."

"Email connection [with workshop leaders] is amazing; also appreciate availability after the meeting ended."


"I feel launched into another level of recovery in each area. I will be reviewing this material for years."

"I thought it was extraordinary! Great work to weave together into a cohesive package the entirety of the [DA and BDA] program. It made sense to me."

"Interesting and relevant."


"Much appreciated to cover all the material so thoroughly and leave room for discussion, questions, and shares."

"It’s great that people everywhere can participate and enhance their recovery."

"Definitely brought us together."


"I really appreciate the accountability that’s been demonstrated by the financial reporting throughout the workshop term. The one thing I would add to the content (and perhaps it was there and I missed it) is more emphasis on the 7th Tradition as an offering that demonstrates gratitude for our recovery and for value received. I believe these contributions increase our sense of well-being and the flow of prosperity." 

"Outstanding. I made donations to help the DA GSB, it made me feel good to do so."

"I experienced a lot of growth as a result of these workshops — it isn’t about the debt or the alcohol, those are symptoms … it’s about the spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps that allows me to live in the world humbly, honestly, with honor and integrity."

"I gained many new insights of my past and how I want to show up differently now and going forward."

"Definitely made progress. Need to make more."

"PRGs and the tools are great, but without the Steps I don’t have a chance of staying solvent."

"I am starting to sponsor in DA, and this was an excellent opportunity to get grounded again in the program."

"More info about program makes me a better / more confident sponsor."


"I participated because I wanted to connect with other business owners and re-establish myself in the B/DA programs after having focused on another program for the last few years. It definitely inspired me and strengthened my commitment to be self-supporting, accountable, and get with the program!"

"It gave me a 'formal Concepts training.' I already had lots of 'Traditions and Service' training."

"My participation reinforced my commitment to the B/DA program and confirmed for me that I can be a business owner who operates with sanity, clarity, and integrity."

"Helped me to surrender each aspect of my business to God."


"The basic format of each leader speaking on three topics per week is good, very orderly, makes sense. Questions and Answers section was a good use of the time. Shares on topics helped keep the shares focused on the matters at hand, topics of the week."