Our hope is that everyone will want to participate, to learn, and to grow with us. In addition, we ask for generous contributions to our fundraising efforts to support both the General Service Board (GSB) and the BDA Intergroup Startup Project in the growth and development of our DA and BDA outreach and support services.

During each cycle of the "Let's Do BDA Together" workshops, we will distribute the workshop materials in pairs of sessions. Two or three days before the second part of each two-part pair of workshops is completed, we will post the prepared workshop materials for the next pair of workshops in the Participants area of this website. As you collect each set of workshop materials, we ask that you consider making a contribution via the 7th Tradition buttons available on this website, including in the footer of every page. (If you prefer to make your contribution by check or money order, please send an email to to request a physical mailing address.)

The suggested donation is $10 per 2-hour workshop, $20 per pair of two 2-hour workshops. We will distribute $100 to the GSB each month as an expense and will send all post-expense proceeds to the BDA Intergroup Startup Project for service directly to BDA groups and members, especially free literature for BDA members and newcomers and outreach to still-suffering business debtors. No one will be turned away for a lack of funds. We understand how much every dollar counts in early recovery. If you are not able to contribute at this time, you will be equally welcome to signup and login as a website member to access the workshop materials once the new cycle has started. (Recordings of the facilitator shares and Q&A sessions for the 2021 cycles of the "Let's Do BDA Together" workshops will also be available in the Participants area.)


We don't want anyone to use these materials or recordings for self-help, so we ask everyone to cancel your membership on this website — and/or let us know — if you decide to stop actively participating in the workshop series. 

For members who are not able to give as we start, we're hopeful that everyone will be able to experience DA's 7th Promise — "We will recognize that there is enough; our resources will be generous and we will share them with others and with DA." — by the time we reach that promise in week 15. We're excited to share this recovery experience with you!

For members who are able to pre-contribute for all workshops in the cycle at the beginning, we're happy to accept those large contributions upfront. We do have some immediate expenses as we begin each new workshop cycle, especially provision of related conference-approved eBooks to members who need them.


As a reminder, for workshop participants who do not have the DA “12, 12, and 12” book, the BDA Tools pamphlet, or the DA Promises pamphlet  —  and who have a financial need for free eBooks  —  we are happy to supply any or all of the related eBooks to workshop participants at no cost. If you are committed to attending and participating in the upcoming workshop cycle, please email your name, best email address for receiving eBook links, and whether you need the DA book, BDA pamphlet, DA pamphlet, some combination, or all three to and links to your literature will be gratefully sent to you. (Based on availability of funds.) Unfortunately, eBooks are not available outside of the Americas.

For workshop participants who can easily afford to purchase their own conference-approved literature, we do suggest eBooks as an excellent delivery method.


For the first cycle of 2020, all proceeds, income less expenses, were donated directly to the GSB, at the end of each month, and we provided monthly treasury reports to all workshop participants. During the six months of our first-ever six-month workshop cycle, January — June 2020, we collected $4,518.14 from workshop participants, paid $95.27 in fees on electronic transactions, spent $850.00 on conference-approved literature and related in and out shipping costs, spent $149.45 on the first year of hosting for this website, and distributed $3,423.42 to the GSB, with some literature inventory remaining for the next cycle. You can download our final cycle one treasury report here.

For our second workshop cycle, we will expand the pool of giving, distributing half of our post-expense proceeds to the GSB and half to the BDA Intergroup Startup Project. This is our committed disbursement plan for July through December 2020. You can download our current cycle two treasury report here, or by clicking on either of the two images below.

Our original vision was to raise $10,000 for the DA and BDA service structure via these workshops in calendar year 2020. In addition to the $3,423.42 listed above, as of November 21st we've received $5,099.27 in contributions; paid $650 for DA and BDA conference-approved literature, including estimated shipping costs in both directions; and paid $126.23 in online transaction fees. The remaining $4,323.04 has been distributed evenly between GSB and the BDA Intergroup Startup Project at $2,161.52 each. Thank you to our incredibly generous workshop participants!

DA and BDA could easily serve and support 10 ... 50 ... 100 times the recovering member debtors and business owners we have now, but in order to do so, our fellowship needs funds available to support and pay for the initiatives developed by the GSB, the WSC, and the BDA Intergroup Startup Project. We just want to do our part. 

By inviting all of you to attend these fundraiser workshops, we've invited all of you to join us in generously funding our fellowship, too. Whatever funds we raise together and send to the GSB and BDA Intergroup Startup Project via these workshops are from all of us who are involved. If you have any questions about this grassroots fundraising, please send them to

NOTE: We are changing our distribution plan for 2021. We will distribute $100 to the GSB each month as an expense and will send all post-expense proceeds to the BDA Intergroup Startup Project for service directly to BDA groups and members, especially free literature for BDA members and newcomers and outreach to still-suffering business debtors.




2020_11_21 - Lets Do BDA Together - Nove
2020_11_21 - Lets Do BDA Together - Nove

These series of workshops are being presented not only to serve our DA and BDA community but also to perform grassroots fundraising services, with all post-expense proceeds to be distributed evenly between the GSB and BDA Intergroup each month, for their use on behalf of the fellowship and the debtor who still suffers. 

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