Our hope is that everyone will want to participate, to learn, and to grow with us. In addition, we ask for generous contributions to our fundraising efforts — through registration fees, beginning in 2021 — to support both the General Service Board (GSB) and the BDA Intergroup Startup Project in the growth and development of our DA and BDA outreach and support services.

As we complete our first full year of service to the DA and BDA fellowship through the "Let's Do BDA Together" workshops, we have done some financial analysis and have found some undesirable trends across both 2020 cycles:

5% of participants contributed more than we asked for ($250 per workshop cycle, paid $20 bi-weekly, over six months)

15% contributed exactly what we asked for (that is, $250 per cycle)

15% contributed between $100 and $200; the next 15% between $50 and $99; the next 15% between $5 and $49

35% of  workshop participants contributed nothing over six months of workshops

Additionally, we noticed that many who landed in the range between $50 and $150 started out making the contributions we requested but stopped as soon as they appeared to realize that there were neither personal benefits to contributing nor consequences for not contributing. In other words, everyone received the same exact service and opportunity to participate whether they contributed or not. On the face of it, this seems okay. But digging deeper, it feels wrong, like pre-DA behavior to only pay what we MUST pay. The disparity in contributions also feels unfair to the generous among our contributors, and it feels out of alignment with the 7th Tradition's guidance toward self-support. We interpret that to mean that each individual is encouraged to be self-supporting, not to be funded financially by fellow members. So we're making some changes for 2021.

Rather than requested donations, we will now be collecting monthly registration fees, due on the 5th of each month, for that month, beginning in January 2021. Registration fees will include access to the workshop materials (revised and improved for 2021), weekly workshops via video conferences (each registrant will have their own unique link), audio recordings, and midweek drop-in fellowship, also via video conference (with additional unique links separate from the workshops). Whenever registration fees are not received by the 5th of the month, access to the participant pages of this website and to the private, anonymous video conferences will be deleted. Prepayment for all or multiple months will be gratefully accepted.

For previous cycle workshop participants who want to maintain access to the workshop materials, recordings, and weekly drop-in fellowship, without access to the weekly workshops, we ask for a registration fee of $10 per month, again paid by the 5th of each month, or prepaid for multiple months. Like the above, we will remove access if not paid for.

We do not have a mechanism for offering scholarships, perhaps during the second half of the year. Like anything else we want, please put these workshops in your spending plan and join us as soon as you are able.

In this way, we will more equally receive contributions from workshop participants and will successfully raise funds. Proceeds from these workshops, less $100 to the GSB each month, plus tech and website expenses, will be distributed directly to the BDA Intergroup Startup Project ( 50% of funds raised will go to Public Information, 25% to free conference-approved literature for DA and BDA members and newcomers, 25% to the general fund. Our fundraising vision for the first six-month workshop cycle of 2021 is $7,200. Please join us.

You might want to expense your workshop registration to your business as either education costs or donations. We're not suggesting this, simply providing information: We know many BDA fellows who do expense the cost of BDA workshops to their businesses, as education and training, especially those with a direct impact on their success. 


As a reminder from our Workshop Overview:

If you do not yet have the following pieces of conference-approved DA and BDA literature DA’s Currency of Hope; DA’s 12, 12, and 12 book; Business Debtors Anonymous pamphlet; Tools of BDA pamphlet; Twelve Promises pamphlet; Underearning pamphlet; or Visions pamphlet  the BDA Intergroup Startup Project ( welcomes requests for any one, any combination, or even all of these books and pamphlets if they will support you in getting and staying solvent (free of incurring new unsecured debt, one day at a time, no matter what) in DA and BDA. Please visit to find out more. 

For those of you who like a shortcut, please just send your request by email with your name, physical mailing address, and which pieces of literature you want to This isn't as scary as it sounds, our workshop host will be the person who receives your request, and he will introduce you to their literature coordinator, who will gladly ship the literature to you from her home in the SF Bay Area.


For the first cycle of 2020, all proceeds, income less expenses, were donated directly to the GSB, at the end of each month, and we provided monthly treasury reports to all workshop participants. During the six months of our first-ever six-month workshop cycle, January — June 2020, we collected $4,518.14 from workshop participants, paid $95.27 in fees on electronic transactions, spent $850.00 on conference-approved literature and related in and out shipping costs, spent $149.45 on the first year of hosting for this website, and distributed $3,423.42 to the GSB, with some literature inventory remaining for the next cycle. You can download our final cycle one treasury report here. Thank you to our incredibly generous workshop participants!

For our second workshop cycle, we expanded the pool of giving, distributing half of our post-expense proceeds to the GSB and half to the BDA Intergroup Startup Project. During the six months of our second six-month workshop cycle, July — December 2020, we collected $5,618.22 from workshop participants, paid $145.93 in fees on electronic transactions, and spent $650.00 on conference-approved literature and related in and out shipping costs, with no remaining inventory. The remaining $4,822.29 has been distributed evenly between GSB and the BDA Intergroup Startup Project at $2,411.14 each (plus and extra penny for the GSB). You can download our final cycle two treasury report here, or by clicking on either of the two images below (for now). Again, thank you to our incredibly generous workshop participants!

If you have any questions about this grassroots fundraising, please send them to

NOTE: We are changing our distribution plan for 2021. We will distribute $100 to the GSB each month as an expense and will send all post-expense proceeds to the BDA Intergroup Startup Project for service directly to BDA groups and members, especially free conference-approved literature for DA and BDA members and newcomers and outreach to still-suffering debtors and business debtors.




2020_12_26 - Lets Do BDA Together - Dece
2020_12_26 - Lets Do BDA Together - Dece

These series of workshops are being presented not only to serve our DA and BDA community but also to perform grassroots fundraising services, with all post-expense proceeds to be distributed to the BDA Intergroup Startup Project each month, for their use in providing free conference-approved literature and performing outreach.

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