August 2020 Treasury — Wow! Y'all are givers 2! — Thank you!


As promised, our August 2020 treasury report is closed and has been posted to our BDA Workshops fundraising page at

The amount of this month's distributions to the GSB and BDA Intergroup are $618.11 each, plus an extra penny for BDA Intergroup, for combined contributions to both of $1,236.23 proceeds on total August income of $1,267.35.

The only expense we paid this month was $31.12 in online transaction fees.

Thank you to everyone for your generosity and for your wonderful participation in these workshops. Please review the report at and let us know if you have any questions.

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These series of workshops are being presented not only to serve our DA and BDA community but also to perform grassroots fundraising services, with all post-expense proceeds to be distributed to the BDA Intergroup Startup Project each month, for their use in providing free conference-approved literature and performing outreach.

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