BDA Intergroup -- "Doing Business Without Debting" and August business meeting


Just wanted to let you have a first-peek at our provisionally-posted, first-ever BDA Intergroup newsletter, titled "Doing Business Without Debting," linked below and available at We will finalize and formally approve the newsletter at our next BDA Intergroup business meeting on August 23rd.

If you would like to make a written contribution, or celebrate an annual solvency anniversary with us, please visit for all the details.

Everyone is welcome to join us and to participate at our monthly business meetings, although only elected trusted servants and BDA Intergroup Representatives can initiate business either on the agenda or in-person on our monthly conference calls, to raise objections to our proposals, and to vote when voting is the group action "on the table."

If your group does not have a BDA Intergroup Representative AND you are registered with the GSO, please consider electing a rep to attend our meetings. Position description for BDA Intergroup Reps, which may be different from other intergroups, can be found at

Even without a rep, your group can register for our meeting list at and send events to this email address to be posted on our calendar at and on one of our various events pages, each page distinct by meeting communication method.

Finally, if you're one year or longer solvent and want to grow in the principles of the program, please consider volunteering or being nominated for a service position with us. All the details are at

If you want to get a sense of what we do at BDA Intergroup business meetings and how we interact as a service group of actively recovering BDA members, please check out the recordings, transcripts, and / or minutes at and our working August agenda at

2020_08_15 - September 2020 BDA Newslett
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