BDA promises ... a work in progress ...

During cycle one of these workshops, we hit the midpoint in late March, just as the issues and concerns were due for the 2020 World Service Conference (WSC).

We — Bill and Bob and the 43 workshop participants at that time — worked together to prepare and propose the following BDA Promises and sent them for consideration by the General Service Board (GSB) and by the Conference. We had fun creating them and hope you'll appreciate them.

Unfortunately, our submission via issues and concerns was not included for this year's WSC. Yet we believe these BDA promises have merit and immediate application. We've published the short form — which can also be found on the last page of our survey report for cycle one — below. You can also find it at, along with a long-form of these proposed BDA promises. Enjoy!

Please remember that these BDA promises are neither conference- nor GSB-approved. They are for the use and enjoyment of workshop participants only.

Thank you!


  1. We are committed to our recovery from compulsive debting. 

  2. We are growing spiritually and are unafraid of letting others know about our recovery. 

  3. We properly fund our personal lives and live within our businesses’ means. 

  4. We are rapidly becoming free of shame. 

  5. We focus on learning from our experiences and grow to appreciate both positive and negative feedback. 

  6. We have positive self-esteem. 

  7. We can identify and define the contributions we make. 

  8. We see ourselves as equals with everyone we meet through our jobs or businesses. 

  9. We charge appropriately for our time and services. 

  10. We are clear about our limits; we set boundaries. 

  11. We are engaged in work that is fulfilling and rewarding. 

  12. We know that we are enough. 

We have found that it is only through working the Twelve Steps of Debtors Anonymous that lasting solvency, recovery, and serenity may be obtained for our businesses and ourselves. Until we take all Twelve Steps, these promises for business owners and the other promises of DA will likely remain out of our reach. Please take the Steps and join us in the new life and experience described here.

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