What we found during the first cycle of the  BDA Solvency Immersion Conference  is that we did not attract as many BDA sponsors as needed. Many participants, including the members of BDA Workshops (registered group # 122319), the host group for these six-month conferences, are sponsoring but already at capacity for sponsorship commitments. Most of the other participants are new to DA or BDA, or returning after a lengthy absence. Anticipating this, we suggested "study buddy" relationships for mutual support between participants. "Study buddies" were partially successful but have not addressed the needs of everyone who joined our workshop group with an immediate need to dive into the Steps.

Several workshop sessions into the first cycle of this conference, though, as we were completing our work on the Threes — Step, DA Tool, Tradition, BDA Tool, Concept, and Promise (see our Contact page for downloadable pdfs of each list) — and distributing the workshop materials for the Fours, we realized we had provided everything a DA or BDA member would need to take the 12 Steps, especially if they desired a focus on work and business. When we say "we provided," we are including making specific pieces of DA's and BDA's conference-approved literature available to participants at no cost.


We've now outsourced provision of literature to BDA Help for Debtors (registered group # 7720) by offering significant financial contributions to support their service efforts, primarily provision of free conference-approved literature to anyone who asks and outreach to still-suffering debtors.

That still left us without sponsors, but both of our workshop leaders at the time, and a few of our participants, made themselves available at first to guide fellow members through writing 4th Step inventories and hearing those inventories through 5th Steps. Several of those fellow members next committed to completing the Steps with the workshop participant who had helped them with Steps 4 and 5. These inventories, focused on work and business, have turned out to be some of the deepest dives our participants have ever taken into their own histories and experiences.


At minimum, allowing a more experienced fellow to lead us through the Steps is certainly a great start on what holds the potential to be a lifetime of recovery, especially if we uncover and begin the recovery process on personal problems related to our businesses (including freelancing and self-employment), work relationships, earning, income, and even time management. The DA and BDA program can contribute to the solutions for all of these problems, in addition to helping us to claim and maintain solvency. 

This is all to say that, if you want to take the 12 Steps during one of the six-month  BDA Solvency Immersion Conferences,  the spiritual, written, and people resources for that will be available, although formal sponsorship often will not be. Please join us and check out this opportunity to take a deep dive into your recovery from debting, especially in work and business.


Simply commit to the workshop series, invest yourself in preparation for and participation on each workshop, and listen for the DA and BDA members who share about taking the Steps. When we ask for volunteers to help with the Steps during the early workshops in the cycle, speak up and ask for help. Or listen for those who have offered help and reach out to them privately. Help with the Steps will be available for everyone who wants it and is committed to the process.




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