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The flyer for the January through June 2022  BDA Solvency Immersion Conference  can be downloaded here.


Our workshop schedule for the rest of 2021 and the first half of 2022 is available below:


10 minutes: Host and Serenity Setter get the workshop and recording started

15 minutes: Guest speaker shares experience, strength, and hope on the three DA/BDA topics scheduled for the current workshop

12 minutes: Q&A with guest speaker

5 minutes: Host provides mid-workshop details and housekeeping details plus any new, vital information

15 minutes: Host shares experience, strength, and hope on the three DA/BDA topics scheduled for the current workshop 

10 minutes: Q&A with host

49 minutes (2-minute setup plus 15 minutes per workshop topic): Share Shepherd invites workshop participants to share on each of the topics for the week individually — usually six or seven 2-minute shares per topic with a timer and no feedback 

4 minutes: Serenity Setter leads us through wrap-up, preparation for next session, and close with Serenity Prayer




The first workshop in our July-December 2021 cycle will be a two-hour orientation, on July 3, 2021, and then we will dive immediately into the core topics of this 26-workshop, six-month conference in the second session, on July 10, 2021.

During this conference, we will cover most of the 12s in DA and BDA — Steps, DA Tools, Traditions, BDA Tools, Concepts, and DA Promises (see our Contact​ page for downloadable pdfs of each list). For these 36 program principles, 24 tools, and 12 promises, we will offer specific applications for DA and BDA members who own, operate, manage, or work for businesses, either for-profit or not-for-profit. Each numbered set of recovery topics (i.e. Step One, Tradition One, etc) has been allotted two workshop sessions.

The first session of each pair will cover Steps, DA Tools, and Traditions. The second session of each pair will cover BDA Tools, Concepts, and Promises. Our focus is solvent recovery, and everyone is eligible. We recommend that you prepare for each pair of workshops by reading the distributed workshop materials in full. Then please do the relevant readings from DA

publications, jotting down notes and questions as you go:

Matching Step, Tradition, and Concept from our DA “12, 12, and 12” book

Full description of the matching DA and BDA Tools (you can download many of the DA Tools pamphlets for free from https://www.helpfordebtors.org/discontinued-da-pamphlets; current pamphlets can be purchased from debtorsanonymous.org or requested for free from BDA Help for Debtors (registered group # 7720) via https://www.helpfordebtors.org/free-da-and-bda-literature.)


Full description of the matching DA Promise from the new DA Promises pamphlet


If you do not yet have the following pieces of conference-approved DA and BDA literature — DA’s Currency of Hope; DA’s 12, 12, and 12 book; and a handful of DA and BDA pamphlets (ALL of the pamphlets if you're willing to receive an eBook) — the BDA Help for Debtors (registered group # 7720) welcomes requests for any one, any combination, or even all of these books and pamphlets if they will support you in getting and staying solvent (free of incurring new unsecured debt, no matter what, one day at a time) in DA and BDA. Please visit https://www.helpfordebtors.org/free-da-and-bda-literature to submit a literature request form.  

Next, as the workshops progress, please answer some of the questions posed in the workshop materials for the relevant sessions that are coming up. Focus only on the questions that resonate for you. We don’t expect anyone to answer every question we’ve posed; most will answer fewer than half. That’s okay. The questions are primarily meant to help focus your thinking on the topics at hand. Meditating on the questions may provide just as much value as writing out answers. You’ll also find occasional exercises and activities to prepare for the upcoming workshops, especially related to the DA and BDA Tools. 

While “yes” and “no” answers are rarely enough, more than a paragraph or two per question is rarely necessary or desired. Because time for sharing will be limited, we suggest finding a “study buddy” in the group and reading your written responses to one another.

Our 26th session will be a wrap-up, review, and discussion of “What’s Next?” 


The BDA Solvency Immersion Conference workshop materials you can see and download below are those that we used for the Ones of our program principles and resources, directly related to the second and third workshops in the first  BDA Solvency Immersion Conference  of 2021. As you'll see in the links below the image, each set of materials comes with a multi-page pdf and a much briefer word doc, containing only the questions we've posed for meditation and writing. A new set of workshop materials is provided every other week during the  BDA Solvency Immersion Conference,  for a total of 12 sets of materials, plus a participant survey for review in week 26. Only the Ones will be posted here. All other sets will be posted in the registrants-only section of this website. Registration for the July through December 2021  BDA Solvency Immersion Conference  will remain open through August 14. See the flyer and calendar above for  BDA Solvency Immersion Conference  details when they're available. 

2021_06_27 - BDA Solvency Immersion Conf

You are welcome to download both the full pdf file and the questions-only Word doc.

Related recordings from the first BDA Solvency Immersion Conference of 2021 can be heard by using the players below:

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2021-01-16-TheOnesPartTwoLet's Do BDA Together
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