2020_CycleTwo - Bill and Bob Do BDA Flye

Please download this flyer and share it with fellow DA and BDA members, groups, and Intergroups.


Our workshop schedules for the current and next 6-month "Bill and Bob Do BDA" cycles are available below:


10 minutes: Facilitator #1 opens with Serenity Prayer and housekeeping plus any new, vital information 

15 minutes: Facilitator #2 shares experience, strength, and hope on the three DA/BDA topics scheduled for the current workshop

15 minutes: Q&A and/or group discussion with facilitator #2

15 minutes: Facilitator #1 shares experience, strength, and hope on the three DA/BDA topics scheduled for the current workshop 

15 minutes: Q&A and/or group discussion with facilitator #1

45 minutes (in increments of 15 minutes per workshop topic): Workshop participants are invited to share on each of the topics for the week individually — usually six or seven 2-minute shares per topic with a timer and no feedback from facilitators

5 minutes: Wrap-up, preparation for next session, and close with Serenity Prayer


NOTE: For the 2020 cycles of "Bill and Bob Do BDA" workshops, Bob is facilitator #1 and Bill is facilitator #2 — every week — unless one of them needs to be absent and to request a substitute facilitator. Although we heard concerns early in cycle one of this workshop series that listening to the same two BDA members weekly for six months sounded tedious, those who have continued the workshop cycle have assured us that the consistency and continuity of hearing two members share on all of our 36 principles, 24 tools, and 12 promises is of greater value than any of us could have imagined. Having said that, we would LOVE to engage other facilitators for other workshops and series in 2021 and beyond. Please send an email to bdaworkshops@gmail.com if this is of interest to you.


The first workshop in our July-December 2020 cycle will include an extra one-hour orientation, then we will jump immediately into the core topics of this 25-workshop, six-month series. During this workshop cycle, we will cover most of the 12s in DA and BDA — Steps, DA Tools, Traditions, BDA Tools, Concepts, and DA Promises (see our Contact​ page for downloadable pdfs of each list). For the primary program principles, tools, and promises, we will offer specific applications for DA and BDA members who own, operate, manage, or work for businesses, either for-profit or not-for-profit. Each numbered set of recovery topics (i.e. Step One, Tradition One, etc) has been allotted two workshop sessions.

The first session of each pair will cover Steps, DA Tools, and Traditions. The second session of each pair will cover BDA Additional Tools, Concepts, and Promises. Our focus is recovery, and everyone is eligible. We recommend that you prepare for each pair of workshops by reading the distributed workshop materials in full. Then please do the relevant readings from DA

publications, jotting down notes and questions as you go:

Matching Step, Tradition, and Concept from our “12, 12, and 12” book

Full description of the matching DA and BDA Tools (you can download the DA Tools for free from www.debtorsanonymous.org; we can provide the BDA Tools pamphlet)

Full description of the matching DA Promise from the new DA Promises pamphlet


For workshop participants who do not have the DA “12, 12, and 12” book, the BDA Tools pamphlet, or the DA Promises pamphlet, we are happy to supply any or all of them at no cost. If you are committed to attending and participating in the upcoming workshop cycle, please email your name, physical mailing address, and whether you need the DA book, BDA pamphlet, DA pamphlet, some combination, or all three to bdaworkshops@gmail.com and your literature will be gratefully sent to you.

Next, as the workshops progress, please answer some of the questions posed in the workshop materials for the relevant sessions that are coming up. Focus only on the questions that resonate for you. We don’t expect anyone to answer every question we’ve posed; most will answer fewer than half. That’s okay. The questions are primarily meant to help focus your thinking on the topics at hand. Meditating on the questions may provide just as much value as writing out answers. You’ll also find occasional exercises and activities to prepare for the upcoming workshops, especially related to the DA and BDA Tools. 

Time for sharing will be limited during each workshop, so please keep that in mind when answering questions. While “yes” and “no” answers are rarely enough, more than a paragraph or two per question is rarely necessary or desired. Because time for sharing will be limited, we suggest finding a “study buddy” in the group and reading your written responses to one another.

Our 25th session will be a wrap-up, review, and discussion of “What’s Next?” We’re hopeful we will all still be participating in these workshops together when we get there.

These series of workshops are being presented not only to serve our DA and BDA community but also to perform grassroots fundraising services, with all post-expense proceeds to be distributed directly to the GSB each month, for their use on behalf of the fellowship and the debtor who still suffers. 

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