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Solvency. Serenity.
Sanity. Happiness.

Online recovery community for solvent members of DA and BDA.


About Us

We are a registered BDA service group, providing the following services to our fellow recovering debtors and business owners:

DA’s Statement of Purpose: In DA, our purpose is threefold:

To stop incurring unsecured debt:

We host, attend, and participate in BDA workshops and special events online, first for our own solvency and recovery, then for support and service to others.

To share our experience with the newcomer:

We provide physical and / or digital conference‐approved DA and BDA literature at no cost to anyone who requests it, anywhere in the world.


We reach out to the international community of BDA groups and members.


We provide inter‐fellowship communication, especially weekly constant contact emails.


To reach out to other compulsive debtors:


We maintain four websites with relevant information for the worldwide BDA community — BDA events, free DA and BDA literature, speaker recordings, spending plan and visioning templates, public information, and other resources — and for people interested in finding out more about DA and BDA.


We reach out to and field inquiries about BDA from the public, the media, and various professional communities (media was the emphasis in 2021 and 2022; the public and professional communities will be the emphasis for 2023). 


Visit Our Other Service Websites

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