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We meet for two hours every Saturday — starting at 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern, etc — plus After Party

$250 contributions for 6-month registrations. $60 for six months for newcomers who can't afford the full contribution request.

2021-07-03-OrientationBDA Solvency Immersion Conference
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Registration is now OPEN for the January through June 2022 
BDA Solvency Immersion Conference

For those who can afford to contribute our full registration request, please send $250 t to begin the registration process. 
We are no longer accepting payment plans. Please put the BDA Solvency Immersion Conference in your spending plan and join us when you can.

If you want to pay MORE THAN $250, out of generosity and gratitude, please do. We will happily pass those extra funds along to BDA Help for Debtors, registered group # 7720, (

For newcomers to DA and BDA — we consider those in their first year of
DA and BDA membership to be newcomers — who find the registration request above beyond your resources, please send a one-time contribution of $60  to to begin the registration process.

The same one-time $60 registration request is made to any members who have completed a full cycle of this conference in the past, including submitting
a survey and attending the conference closing wrap-up gathering, and 
find the registration request above beyond your resources
If even $60 is beyond your resources, we do have scholarships available
Scholarships are not available for anyone who has attended any previous event hosted by BDA Workshops (group # 122319). Scholarship donations are welcome via  

We want to support, encourage, and welcome everyone as you begin or continue the process of claiming and maintaining your solvency and of immersing
yourself in the experience of your recovery from debting.
Unfortunately, we've found that debtors who are awarded free
registrations never complete the conference cycle and many have been "difficult personalities." Please see our Fundraising page for more details on our
experiences with registration contributions
and "where the money goes."