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Join us in solvency, recovery, clarity, and joy.

For any inquiries, please email us at or use our contact page.

Our 2023 Outreach Projects

#1 — We sent both of DA's books to 19 locations of Bridge of Hope — — which helps families avoid homelessness. We followed up with one single email to all locations and program managers, asking them to share our free literature offer with their service recipients. Our cost was $568.07.

#2 — We sent 124 one-page FAXs to all available US Bankruptcy Court trustee executives and regional offices, plus to all of the credit counseling agencies and financial management education providers certified by the US Bankruptcy Court system, asking them to share our free literature offer whenever they have the opportunity. Our cost was $19.99 from our tech fund for 800 one-page FAXs per month; we will renew at $34.99 for 1,000 pages per month.


#3 — We sent 37 emails to various eviction resolution and dispute resolution agencies throughout the state of Washington. If you have access to multi-page lists of tenant eviction resources for other states, as either a tenant or landlord, please send them to so that we can reach out and offer our message of hope to folks who are experiencing significant financial difficulties and may be compulsive debtors like us.


#4 — We sent 64 one-page FAXs to all available state substance abuse and mental health agencies at Those two agencies share a FAX in most states, but we sent two wherever there were two FAX numbers available.

#5 — We sent emails to all of the primary international (to us) associations of social workers listed by the International Federation of Social Workers at, who had available email addresses on their web pages. Our emails introduced Debtors Anonymous to these associations, including several important links at Of the 139 countries listed on the web page above, there were email addresses, often multiple email addresses, for 103 of the relevant social worker associations. That is: 25 African countries; 23 Asia Pacific countries; 17 Latin American and Caribbean countries (this is where Mexico is listed); 37 European countries; and Canada.

#6 — We sent both of DA's books to 56 locations (including one international advocacy branch) and the US Headquarters of the National Association of Social Workers — — which is the largest organization for social workers in the world with more than 150,000 members. Our cost was $1,707.67.


#7 — We made our initial outreach to the National Association of Black Social Workers by sending both of DA's books to the National Office Manager at their National Headquarters. We have asked the Office Manager to take a look at DA's books and to provide us with a list of chapter addresses and phone numbers if he thinks these books are something they would be interested in having and referring to members and members' clients. We count 77 chapters on their website. At our average $30 per mailing, including sales tax and free shipping, we're looking at $2,310 for this mailing once we have the list of addresses.

#8 — We sent 67 one-page FAXs to all available county directors of the Alabama Department of Human Resources listed at

#9 — We sent 50 one-page FAXs to all available counties in California's Department of Social Services listed at

#10 — We sent 48 one-page FAXs to all available counties in Colorado's Department of Human Services listed at

#11 — We sent 70 one-page FAXs to all available counties in Florida's Department of Children and Families listed at

#12 — We sent 130 one-page FAXs to all available counties in Georgia's Division of Family and Children Services listed at

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